Dendrobium (Dockrillia) linguiforme ‘GB Long Board’ x self MOUNTED


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On offer is an advanced, Dendrobium (syn Dockrillia) linquiforme ‘GB Long Board’ x self seedling established on a brown treefern mount.

D. linguiforme is an Australian native species that is commonly known as the Tongue Orchid or Button Orchid.   It is a hardy orchid which grows naturally from North Eastern Queensland to South Eastern NSW.  They are easy to cultivate and will tolerate a wide range of conditions but appreciate regular water in warm/hot weather.  White/cream flowers occur in spring with an inflorescence producing up to 20 flowers.  Mature specimens produce a cloud of flowers.

The photographs show examples of D. linguiforme but not the actual parent used and a seedling typical of those on offer.

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