DENDROBIUM (DOCKRILLIA) Stephen remake 40mm


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On offer is a NEW RELEASE seedling Australian Native?Dendrobium?(Dockrillia)?Stephen, from the crossing of?D. striolatum?’Babylon Tiger’ x?schoeninum?’Mint Slice’. ?
A remake of an old hybrid between two iconic Aussie terete leaf Dendrobiums.? We have a couple of older remakes in the nursery which bloom reliably year-in, year-out, which are just like a more compact growing?D. schoeninum, but with more shapely/chunky blooms.? By using the very stripely (and also green) ‘Mint Slice’ with the equally striped but also golden yellow ‘Babylon Tiger’, we’re hoping for more “Golden Tigers” to come through in this pairing, particularly given the green colouration of ‘Mint Slice’.? Will be spectacular display plants at the very least!!!

Photographs show the actual parents used.

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