DENDROBIUM speciosum v grand ‘Botanic Ridge’ x v curv ‘Misty Palms’


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On offer is a new release seedling of the Australian Native Dendrobium Orchid, D. speciosum from the crossing of v grandiflorum ‘Botanic Ridge’ x v curvicaule ‘Robbie’s Misty Palms’.

Established in a 40mm square tube, this is another for the showbench.  ‘Botanic Ridge’ is a very shapely v grandiflorum with bright yellow blooms – almost like a highlighter colour rather than a gold.  ‘Robbie’s Misty Palms’ is a beast – flowers over 90mm top to bottom, typical super heavy substance owing to being a v curvicaule – simply the biggest and most impressive we’ve seen in Victoria in recent times!  They will be big growers, and put on incredible displays at maturity! 

Photographs show the actual parents used and an example of the plants on offer.

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