DENDROBIUM speciosum v pedunculatum ‘Cairns’ x ‘Stone’


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On offer is a new release seedling of the Australian Native Dendrobium Orchid, D. speciosum v pedunculatum ‘Cairns’ x ‘Stone’.

Established in a 40mm square tube, this is a completely different line of v pedunculatum to what is typically available (eg. ‘Herberton’, ‘Atherton’, ‘Gloucester’ etc.), and if nothing more, adds vigour to the gene pool.  ‘Cairns’ was purchased from a nursery in northern Queensland by the late Steve Bato, and is a nice, creamy yellow form of this variety, with neatly clustered canes and a good flower count.  ‘Stone’ has tiny canes, and has flowered on canes barely 60mm tall, making it a serious contender for the smallest growing mature D. speciosum ever!  Will be some lovely examples come from this pairing.

The photographs show images indicative of the parents used and a typical example of the seedlings on offer.

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