Dendrobium speciosum v pedunculatum ‘Stone’ x Intervarietal ‘Herbmere Enef’


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On offer is a first release seedling of the Native Dendrobium Orchid, D. speciosum v pedunculatum ‘Stone’ x speciosum Intervarietal ‘Herbmere Enef’.

Established in a 40mm square tube, this exciting new line promises to produce super compact D. speciosums, with flowers well clear of the foliage on strong, upright stems.  ‘Herbmere Enef’ is a very short and stout caned plant from the crossing of v pedunculatum ‘Herberton’ x v speciosum ‘Windermere’, with flower size closer to the v speciosum parent on good long stems, whilst ‘Stone’ is about the smallest v pedunculatum we’ve seen, and has flowered off canes barely 70mm tall!  Could very well be the next “Big” (little) thing in D. speciosums, as people grow plants that take up less space.

The photographs show flower photos indicative of the two parents and an example of the plants available.  

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