DENDROBIUM speciosum v spec ‘Incredible Hulk’ x IV ‘Magic Wind’


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On offer is a new release seedling of the Australian Native Dendrobium Orchid, D. speciosum from the crossing of v speciosum ‘Incredible Hulk’ x Intervarietal ‘Magic Wind’.

Established in a 40mm square tube, this is one for the showbench.  ‘Incredible Hulk’ tops 90mm, and does everything you could ask of a v speciosum – presentation, flower count and form are all top-notch.  ‘Magic Wind’ comes from v grandiflorum ‘Magic’ x v speciosum ‘Windermere’, and is another monster sized flower at around 105mm in both directions, and very heavy substance!  No doubt about it, these will be large, vigourous growers, but well worth it for the result.  

Photographs show the actual parents used and an example of the plants on offer.

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