Dendrobium speciosum v spec ‘Lemon Yellow’ x v hillii ‘Captain FS’


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On offer is a new release Dendrobium Orchid, D. speciosum v speciosum ‘Lemon Yellow’ x v hillii ‘Captain Feathersword’.

Established in a 40mm square tube, this combination is one that does occur naturally, but is seldom “remade” in cultivation.  ‘Lemon Yellow’ is a beautiful, buttery yellow with good shape, size and presentation, whilst ‘Captain Feathersword’ (as its name suggests) has flower stems just like a giant feather duster – a very good example of a “Foxtail” style in speciosum!  Hoping for the best of both worlds here – good sized flowers in yellows through to creams/whites, with super long racemes, each carrying hundreds of flowers!  

The photographs show the actual parents used and a seedling that is typical of those on offer.  

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