Laelia Lookalike = gouldiana x anceps


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On offer is a new release seedling of the Cattleya Alliance Orchid, Laelia Lookalike, from the crossing of L. gouldiana ‘Select Haze’ x anceps ‘Babylon’.

Established in a 40mm square tube, these should be “next level” for this style of breeding.  ‘Select Haze’ is a superb, shapely and rich coloured form of the species, with nice compact growth habit and strong stems.  ‘Babylon’ has the “Guerrero” style flare to the petals, a flower the same size as ‘Chamberlains’ and a well marked labellum.  Hoping that the flaring remains, but that the dose of L. gouldiana deepens the purple colour even further.

 The photographs show the parents used and examples of the seedlings on offer.

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