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On offer here is a medium sized Soft Treefern POT (that’s right, a pot made out of treefern!) that is ideal for orchids and other epiphytic plants. The hole cut out in the centre of this pot is the perfect fit for a standard 80mm round tube, so you can place your ready to be repotted 3″ squat pots directly into one of these and you’re done! Photos show samples of the treefern pot, as well as some of our plants growing happily in them already. The photo of the square slab mounted plant is of a plant that was growing in a treefern pot that has been cut diagonally and “on-mounted” – many natives love this way of mounting!

A large Treefern Pot typically measures around 5″ tall and 6″ diameter with a 3″ hole in the centre.

(12cm x 15cm with 7.5cm hole)


Welcome to Soft Brown “Dicksonia” Tree fern – in our opinion, the most versatile and water efficient, long lasting mount there is! Unlike Cork, Cyathea (Black Treefern) and Hardwood mounts, Dicksonia allows the roots to really penetrate the treefern pot, and gives the host plant the opportunity to decide whether to burrow its roots deeply into the treefern (for moisture and protection from hot Summer wind and sun), or to run along the surface of the mount to gather dew and humidity, or even to serve simply as host for the plant to send aerial roots from – many plants do this regardless of their host.

Dicksonia, by comparison with most of the other “firm” planters will retain more moisture, which means that it doesn’t have the same watering requirements (ie. daily hosing down of cork and Cyathea in Summer), which makes it more water friendly. Unfortunately, Dicksonia attracted a bad name a number of years ago, because some sellers would make planters from the top section near the fronds which is actually toxic to the plants potted in it. We do not cut our planters from the top section, and growers who use the true “base” material find that it performs as well as (if not better than) any other orchid planter. Sourced from the best quality legally harvested Tasmanian Dicksonia available, this product rates second to none for quality as a planter.

IMPORTANT: Whilst we do stock this item in low numbers, we manufacture the product on site, and there may be a slight delay if we need to make more stock. This generally should not extend beyond a week, and we shall make every effort to make sure it is ready for delivery well before that time.

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