Medium ‘Magic Mix’ Perlite-Vermiculite Potting Mix – 100L Bag


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On offer here is a 100L bag of MEDIUM “MAGIC MIX”, consisting of 75% Premium PERLITE and 25% VERMICULITE. Perlite and vermiculite will need no introduction to most orchid growers and can be used to grow a very large range of orchids. This is what we are using in our nursery for all newly potted stock, and the results are amazing! No issues with trying to re-wet it after keeping your plants on the dry side during Winter (unlike pine-bark media), and the perlite allows plenty of aeration in your mix unlike Coco-peat and husk based mixes. As a bonus, it is CHEMICALLY INERT, so no worries about your mix going sour and needing to lime all the time. Plenty in stock, and always able to supply more as required. We call this our ‘MAGIC MIX’. Perfect for Cattleyas, Native Dendrobiums, Oncidium Alliance and other types that like to be kept drier during Winter, but also equally effective to use growing Cymbidiums and other hardy orchids.

For those who are unfamiliar with these products, perlite a generic term for naturally occurring siliceous rock. Since perlite is a form of natural glass, it is classified as chemically inert and has a pH of approximately 7. Vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals, resembling mica in appearance

Essentially perlite and vermiculite are used in the horticultural industry because they both provide aeration and drainage, they can retain and hold substantial amounts of water and later release it as needed, they are sterile and free from diseases, they have a fairly neutral pH (especially perlite which is neutral), and they are readily available, non-toxic, safe to use, and relatively inexpensive.

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