Sarcochilus Wizz Fizz x Fiery Glow ‘Red Letter Day’ in a 68mm tube


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On offer is an advanced seedling Australian Native Sarcochilus Hybrid growing in a 68mm square tube, with the crossing in this instance of S. Wizz Fizz x Fiery Glow ‘Red Letter Day’.  

Bred for intense red, pink and purple colour, there shall be a mix of patterns produced here, many with white base, and quite a few solid reds too.  Both parents are super vigorous, and these seedlings are bolters too!  There is a good possibility they will flower this season if grown under good conditions.  With S. Zoe on both sides, shape is every chance of being improved upon to be completely round and filled in, and this also means there is a possibility of some yellows resulting from the cross.

Photographs show the parents used.

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