THG – Orchid – Dendrobium Anthedon Star = calamiforme x schoeninum 40mm


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On offer is a seedling of the Australian Native Dendrobium Anthedon Star (= calamiforme x schoeninum) growing in a 40mm pot.

This is a combination of two Aussie species, with D. calamiforme being a close relative to D. teretifolium, but with its distribution being from North Eastern Queensland. D. calamiforme is distinct in having a very long, but straight and flat labellum that sits prominently upright, and we’re hoping the seedlings that result from this crossing shall carry that trait.

We anticipate this cross will produce plants and flowers very similar to D. Jiggi, but are likely to be larger in size, have more red colouration in the striping (rather than chocolate-brown), and hopefully with that long, flat labellum from D. calamiforme being maintained, but taking on the purple markings from D. schoeninum. Should be spectacular as mature plants!!!

Images show flowers indicative of the parents used, and an example of the plants on offer.

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