THG Orchid DENDROBIUM (Gold Dorn x speciosum) x Coolart Sshine 40mm NEW RELEASE


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On offer is a NEW RELEASE seedling Australian Native Dendrobium (Golden Dorn x speciosum) ‘Golden Smile’ x Coolart Sunshine ‘Babylon Gold’ growing in a 40mm tube.

One of two new crosses that feature Coolart Sunshine ‘Babylon Gold’ as a first time parent. ‘Babylon Gold’ is the absolute best of the grex we have seen, with the heaviest of substance blooms at 65mm, perfect shape, and glorious, rich golden yellow blooms. ‘Golden Smile’, as much as the photo hasn’t captured it, is a true apricot-orange coloured bloom, with a broad labellum, and great size (75mm+). The parents are VERY similar breeding, with the only difference between them is that ‘Golden Smile’ has tetragonum as a great-grandparent where ‘Babylon Gold’ has speciosum instead. D. fleckeri and jonesii contribute just shy of 20% of the makeup of both parents, as well as the seedlings.

There will be a good percentage of true ORANGE blooms come from these seedlings. Heavy substance large flower size and filled in segments will be the norm, and expect around 15 flowers per stem. They will be quite large growers, and may take some time to mature, but should be well and truly worth the wait!

Photographs show both parents, as well as an example of the seedlings on offer.

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