THG Orchid DENDROBIUM Mem Garth Griffith = Mingle’s Sapphire x gonzalesii 40mm SEEDLING


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On offer is a small seedling of the Exotic Dendrobium hybrid, D. Mingle’s Sapphire ‘Garth’ x gonzalesii ‘Babylon’ growing in a 40mm tube. This cross is EXCLUSIVE to The Hanging Garden!!!

With D. Mingle’s Sapphire = victoria-reginae x gonzalesii, there shouldn’t be too many surprises upon flowering these seedlings – they will be various shades of mauve, lilac and “blue”. Hoping they shall take on more of the slate-blue of D. gonzalesii, but with more depth of colouring, and an increase in hybrid vigour to make these really robust and free-flowering plants.

We intend to name this hybrid “Dendrobium Memoria Garth Griffith” upon first flowering.

Photographs show flower photos of the two parents, as well as indicative photos of the plants available for purchase (One plant per purchase).

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