THG Orchid DENDROBIUM Newbold Beauty x Victorian Splendour 40mm


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On offer is a NEW RELEASE seedling Australian Native Dendrobium Newbold Beauty ‘Point O Five’ x Victorian Splendour ‘Snow Leopard’ growing in a 40mm tube.

‘Point O Five’ got its name as a bit of a joke – most of each bloom is white with a pastel lilac overlay/edging. The very tips of each of the 5 segments is a much darker purple, so the plant was deemed to be “Tipsy”, probably at around 0.05 (BAC). It flowers consistently like this every year, on every flower, and we’re yet to see anything else quite like it! ‘Snow Leopard’ is the parent of our Coolart Rainbow crossing, and we’ve seen that it will let a wide range of colours through from the other parent.
Both plants have excellent display qualities and full heads of flowers, so we’re hoping that ‘Point O Five’ dominates with its colour and patterning, and that a number of the seedlings produce the tricolour effect in the segments. With some luck, there will be some flowers with a yellow base and deeper overlays come through too. Has the potential to produce a whole new colour and pattern range in Australian Native Dens!!!

Photographs show both parents, as well as an example of the seedlings on offer.

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