THG Orchid DENDROBIUM speciosum grand BRidge x curv HBeauty 40mm NEW RELEASE


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On offer is a NEW RELEASE seedling Australian Native Dendrobium speciosum var grandiflorum ‘Botanic Ridge’ x var curvicaule ‘Hungarian Beauty’ growing in a 40mm tube.

This cross is a new variation of the v grandiflorum – v curvicaule interaction that often yields a high proportion of large, chunky flowered, highly floriferous, long stemmed and bright yellow Intervarietal D. speciosums. Both pod and pollen parents have blooms in excess of 80mm, with superb substance, and bloom on mid to compact sized plants for their respective subspecies.

‘Botanic Ridge’ has beautiful, deep butter yellow flower coloration, and has very well formed lateral sepal that don’t cross over. ‘Hungarian Beauty’ is a top quality seedling from ‘Palmerston’ x self, and has maintained the superb, heavy substance and form of its parent, but significantly increased flower size! These shall be large flowered Intervarietal D. speciosums, with fantastic substance, glistening crystalline texture, superb filled in flower form and in a colour range from deep cream through to brilliant yellow and the possible deep gold or two.

Photographs show the the actual parents used, as well as an example of the seedlings on offer.

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