THG Orchid DENDROBIUM speciosum v hilli Cpt Fsword x v ped KH 40mm


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On offer is a seedling Australian Native Dendrobium speciosum v hillii ‘Captain Feathersword’ x v pedunculatum ‘Kevin Hatcher’.

Not much has been done with D. speciosum v hillii so far as Intervarietal D. speciosum breeding is concerned, so this is a speculative crossing, but one we still have high hopes for!

‘Kevin Hatcher’ is a robust v pedunculatum (noting some question whether it may be a v boreale), with large, very shapely and chunky blooms, along with a high flower count on upright stems. It is a relatively large grower for a v pedunculatum, but still small as far as D. speciosum goes. By pairing it with ‘Captain Feathersword’, we hope to capture the shape and substance of ‘Kevin Hatcher’, whilst really ramping up the flowering potential and adding the habit and arrangement on the stem. Since these subspecies are two with smaller sized flowers, its really about creating a “swarm” of cream-white blooms on compact plants that can’t be seen for the flowers.

Photographs show both parents, as well an example of the seedlings on offer.

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