THG Orchid DENDROBIUM striolatum ‘Babylon Tiger’ x self 40mm NEW RELEASE


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On offer is a NEW RELEASE seedling Australian Native Dendrobium (Dockrillia) striolatum ‘Babylon Tiger’ x self growing in a 40mm tube.

This is a selfing of a very highly coloured and striped Mainland Type Form in ‘Babylon Tiger’. The parent plant is our most vigorous plant of the species, forming a dense clump, with compact leaves that readily root along the rhizome. It is also our best coloured example of the species, both with respect to the rich, golden base tone, and the deep, chocolatey stripes that cover the segments. Flower size is about average for the species, and whilst the flowers are quite flat, there are more filled in forms around, but very few with this quality of colour.

Photographs show both parents, as well as an example of the seedlings on offer.

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