THG Orchid DENDROBIUM striolatum ‘Tas Form’ x ‘Babylon Tiger’ 40mm


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On offer is a seedling Australian Native Dendrobium (Dockrillia) striolatum ‘Tas Form’ x ‘Babylon Tiger’ growing in a 40mm tube.

An outcross of the “Type Form” of striolatum that uses a very highly coloured and striped Mainland form in ‘Babylon Tiger’, and a large, shapely form with a broad and “fluffy” labellum in ‘Tas Form’ from Tasmania. ‘Tas Form’ gets close in size to the Wattagans Form. Looking to improve the golden colour variety in size, shape and colour/stripes, whilst adding vigour by pairing plants with different geographic origins.

Photographs show both parents, as well as an example of the seedlings on offer.

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