THG Orchid DENDROBIUM teretifolium ‘#2’ x ‘Babylon’ 40mm seedling


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On offer is a seedling Australian Native Dendrobium (Syn Dockrillia) teretifolium ‘#2’ x ‘Babylon’ growing in a 40mm tube.

This is a selectively bred seedling, aimed at producing robust, free flowering plants, with good form, and the biggest possible sized blooms for the species.  ‘#2’ is a vigorous, free flowering plant that was grown from a seedling.  It has flowers of above average size on nice, long racemes that present its blooms well.  ‘Babylon’ is a cut above all others we’ve seen, with HUGE flat blooms (over 70mm across), but isn’t the strongest of growers.  To date, we’re yet to get it to hold a seedpod (selfing or outcross), so we’re hoping the flower quality comes through and that ‘#2’ gives us more vigour and fecundity to the progeny.

The photographs show the actual parents used.

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