Wooden Teak Basket Set (Extra Large, Large, Medium)


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On offer here is a set of THREE (3) teak, slatted baskets, that are IDEAL for use with many epiphytic orchids, as well as bromeliads, ferns, tillandsias and other hanging plants. These baskets come nested in one each of the following sizes as pictured:

Medium basket are 155mm x 80mm(outside diameter) and 110mm x 60mm(inside diameter)
Large basket are 205mm x 100mm(outside diameter) and 165mm x 80mm(inside diameter)
Extra Large basket are 255mm x 105mm(outside diameter) and 215mm x 90mm(inside diameter)

These teak baskets are ideal for hanging or potting orchids, bromeliads, succulents and many other plants that prefer good drainage. As well as it being significantly more attractive than a plastic pota product, teak has advantages over many other timbers in that it is resistant to rotting and falling apart, and shall hold your plant for many years to come.

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Weight 2.22 kg
Dimensions 255 × 255 × 105 mm
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