eBay Auctions

The Hanging Garden also regularly lists plants, hardgoods and growing paraphernalia for sale on eBay. Whilst you shall find most of our general stock items on the website here, eBay is where we list our limited availability stock – be that plants in flower, premium divisions, or something just that little bit different that we don’t have sufficient quantities of to advertise multiple items of. More often than not, these listings shall be Auction items, and are listed from 7:30pm AEDT/AEST every Sunday evening, and run for 7 days, finishing at the same time the following Sunday. We do also have a multitude of Buy Now options in our eBay store, the same lines that you shall find here on our website.

To keep abreast of our current eBay Auctions, we recommend visiting our store: www.ebay.com.au/str/thehanginggardenorchidnursery OR simply do a search for “THG Orchid”.