Elkhorn (Six Eye)


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Platycerium bifurcatum (Elkhorns) are found in rainforests. They are an epiphyte/lithophyte by nature, which means, they grow high up in the trees and on rock faces, they have many plants that grow together to create a large specimen, each plant has it’s own growth eye, which fertile fronds appear from. Sizes vary greatly depending upon maturity. Elkhorns are sold by how many “eyes” they have.

Water every second day in warmer months, and when needed in cooler months. Feed during growth. Staghorns and Elkhorns can tolerate wind, but frosts will kill them. Keep in 50% – 75% shade (e.g. morning sun). Provide protection from snails and slugs. Staghorns need to be re mounted when they get too big for their backing board. Elkhorns can be divided into smaller elks when they get too big. Avoid re-mounting in very hot and cold weather.

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